XSD-108 Nemesis (A highly advanced Dreadnought)

Hi guys, I’m back lol… I’ve done some tests with both Blender and Indigo and after some time I decided to create a ship for an ORPG game I play called Gundam Vagrant Destiny… Well enough of this here’s the picture:


Everything you see has been modelled and no textures are applied yet… I hope you guys enjoy it and I will post updates periodically… Please share me your thoughts…


LOL no replies huh :stuck_out_tongue:

looks awesome man :slight_smile:

Thanks… Anyone else C&C???

Hey Exelio

Overall, it looks good! Your design is visually interesting and unique IMHO. I like the detail in the hull plates. I have a few questions: what’s the scale of the ship, exactly? Are there any windows? How about a bridge/cockpit? Just some questions. :slight_smile:

Again, overall I like. Spaceships are definitely cool. :wink:

Well the sizes are 630 meters long, 275 meters wide and 150 meters high… It won’t have any windows with the exception of the bridge maybe…

The bridge part still needs to be modelled as well as the rest of the hull… Got the part ready of where the bridge is “mounted” on…

The ship’s weaponry: It will have 4 highly advanced missile launchers, 2 highly advanced energy cannons and 4 highly advanced shield emitters… (if this seems like a bit low on armaments well its the max allowed weapons for the game lol)

Cool beans. :slight_smile:

How many faces/vertices? This is a text RPG or actual video game? If it’s a video game, this must be a pretty heavy mesh for it.

Cool beans?
That was one of first raves established in Australia. Fuk me is it was good. From memory.
Ummm, Exelio y all the extruded circles? Y does it need 4 boosters of differing propulsion each side?Good detail, but also the middle section seems off. Pointing towards camera or something. Fix the ‘haul’
As i said, nice detail.
Keep going with it.

The mesh now counts 29538 vertices and 31270 faces… Its a text based RPG game :wink:

@ digital_domain:
What do you mean with the middle section? 'bout the boosters well its a pretty heavy ship and it gives it more agility… And what extruded circles? lol

I like the radical design of it… but then again… it looks bit odd at the sametime… :S So dont have any real oppinion about it.

How about some vectored thrust nozzles on the back of the boosters? Don’t know what possible use they could have on a ship that size, but they might look cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I guess lol… However here’s an update…


Note: Its a basic render done with Blender not with Indigo this time…

What are vectored thrust nozzles? lol

Could you give us a picture of it facing the camera? It seems to me that the bridge area would need some sort of support structure where right now it is held onto the ship by a narrow spinal support. In battle that would be a weakness I would exploit.

Yeah I know but the mean hull still needs to be modeled… I’m working from rear to bow actually lol

@ digital_domain:
What do you mean with the middle section? 'bout the boosters well its a pretty heavy ship and it gives it more agility… And what extruded circles? lol[/quote]

What extruded circles? How did you do the boosters? U got a circle primitive and extruded. Right? Extruded circles. There you go. I didn’t mean the ‘beizer circle/curve’ method obviously. I was just saying i thought there were too many irrelivent ‘extruded circles’ (thrusters) in this case. The last update seems to me the ship is in reverse according to the exhaust fumes. I would at least rotate all thrusters my 180 degrees along with the fumes and thus making the front the back (back to front). hehe.