XSI Theme for Blender 2.83 (May 2020)

Hello, marvelous community.
I’ve recently uploaded the XSI theme for Blender with lots of :sparkles:changes and improvements that you can read in detail and download from here >>

There’s a lot of pictures in the gallery that show the comparison between Softimage and Blender’s adaptations. This is a continuous work, so if you’re an ex-Softimage user who’s enjoying Blender, I’d be glad to read your comments on how to improve the theme.

You can notice that when you enter EDIT mode now the Outliner shows a yellow icon which reflects the yellow EDIT state of the mesh (wireframe), so new users can identify similar colors between the viewport and the Outliner.


The Outliner and the Graph editor are similar now.


I really like this theme, it’s my main theme now !

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That is very nice. Do you have a video?

It’s virtually indistinguishable from XSI. Great effort.

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I thought this theme would just tickle the nostalgia centre in my brain, but it now has me appreciating lighter themes again.

It does however have a few quirks. Expression or driven properties are very difficult to edit as they are white text on a background which is a very light pink when the text insertion cursor is inside the property box.

When circular curves or empties set to circle are selected then depending on size and view the circle is easy to confuse with the outer screen space rotation part of the transform gizmo which is also white. (Are the gizmos themeable or are we stuck with white?)

I also find theleft hand area of the graph editor harder to make sense of quickly. The built in blender light theme has lines to separate the properties which the eye can also follow to the associated icons.

I think I will use this theme for a while, I find it somehow relaxing. Thanks for all the work on it.


Not yet. I could make one, walking everyone through the install and the features.
Check out the complete blog post link at the first message :wink:

Thanks man, most other CG artists outside the 3D realm have asked me if Softimage is still alive when they see the videos and posts… I guess they mean they also think it’s a very faithful theme? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for finding those annotations.
White selection against white text in top bar : Yeah, I struggle to find these in the “correct theme space”. It turns out not all the text corresponds with the area you choose to change, sometimes the text from another window space affects something else in another area. You can imagine the mingle and tangle…
About the pinkish driver being too light: Yep, but you can correct that here:

If you find anything else, let me know.
I uploaded the theme and the tracker and VSE are areas that still need some “theme”-able work as well as Grease Pencil. But hey, up until now, it’s looking fantastically good.
About the channels in the Dopesheet, there should be no trouble reading them. Everything is posted on the blog link on the first thread.

Now all we need is ICE

ICE = advantageous with “compounds” presets.
AN = Animation nodes = building blocks for everyone to play: https://youtu.be/uKPeacoxHAQ

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True, but ICE was much more. It could help an artist become their own TD.

Totally agree. I would run to AN except the particle system still maintains legacy on Blender. Once that changes, (and it will, as everything WILL become NODAL in time) then I can switch to AN. :slight_smile:

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Great theme, man! Remembers me my old XSI times! :wink:

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Most of us stayed until EOL, so I hope this gets renamed to Softimage appropriately.
Please let me know if you find improvements for UI colors specially for the graph editor channels.

Here is a script for XSI users that a die-hard wrote, pass it onward! I hope to try it soon!


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