[yaf(a)ray] Salt-cellar

4 hour for rendering,
hdri for light
DOF whit nodes
Postproduction in gimp (Saturation and Level)


A bit overexposed, but WOW, realistic. 5 stars.

WOW, realistic.

Beautifully done, anfeo. I like it very much. The model’s exposure don’t quite match the background. (Which I assume is a photo, right?)

Still, awesome, though.

Incredible. That is photo-reaslistic top-notch work.

About 98% photoreal on the foreground, the background doesn’t quite fit but welldone nonetheless.

Very realistic. Only thing that I don’t really like is that the salt on the counter/table isn’t really spread out that realistically, it’s just sitting in small patches. There should be salt pieces sitting all alone from the rest of them.
Just my $0.02.

To me your Meshes look a little rough. Either your subsurf level isn’t high enough or you have some triangles in the mix. I also agree it’s a bit over exposed.

Other than that, Top Notch stuff. Add some more stuff to the table!! :slight_smile:

Make the salt more white.
Furthermore, great.

This isn’t really photorealistic. The materials need much more work, even the modeling could use some rework. Especially on the right upper part of salt-cellar.

Thaks all, I will try to change the HDRI, but for the salt material I don’t know how to set the shinediffuse yafaray material and the white became grey.

Ciao Anfeo,

Nice to see some work made with Yaf(a)ray. Overall this is really nice, modelling is good but I would probably increase the subdiv to get a better cruve on the handle. Try to use the building probe HDRI instead of the kitchen one (assuming it is the kitchen) to avoid the over burn fx but you’ll probably have to increase the power in the render settings as this one emits less light. For the salt, use shinnydiffuse white mat (as you probably done) and try to set the translucidity to 1/3 slider and put some tranparency, I would also set the emit value to something like 0.030 to reduce the grey result. Hope this helps.

Looking good. I agree with the crit posted, but well done.