YafaRay Annual Contest - 2010 edition launched !


Topic this year is ‘Abandoned Classics’.

Evocatively depict remarkable objects and places not longer in use. We want classic objects and places, but showing the burden of time and usage. With this exercise, we are looking forward to people using intensively YafaRay materials and texturing capabilities to simulate weathering: cross texture mapping of the material components, variation in the specular channel, blending of properties, etc. We are as well looking foward to people using volumetrics to create a dusty enviroment if they choose to make an indoor scene.

The contest dealine is August the 1st. 0:00 GMT

The winner will be selected by a jury composed of the YafaRay Team. The prize for the winner consist in:

  • A CG-education book or DVD from Amazon or alternatively an item from the Blender e-shop.
  • 1000 credits worth 90$ to render your works in Corefarm.


  • The final render could consis in a sigle YafaRay render pass or a post-process and composition of different YafaRay render passes. Tone mapping is allowed as well.
  • Final render minimun resolution must be 1024 x 1280 portrait or 1280 x 1024 landscape, in PNG format.
  • Every contestant must open his/her own Work in progress thread in the YafaRay Annual Contest 2010 forum. The last image posted in everyone’s thread will be the one considered by the jury for the voting process.


Great news, I should take the time to enter this year. It’s a really good topic, very open.

cool , maybe i give it a try , whats the price ?

a free lifetime liscence ?

ok. does this Yafaray stuff work with blender 2.5? :slight_smile:

It is free and open source, but I suspect you know that already :slight_smile:

No, but it will once 2.6 is released.

links to inspire you:


Places or things that have been abandoned.
	Please try and use this code when viewing images in the group pool. It


Good choice of subject.