(Yafaray) Cool idea: Asynchronous export & render

I had to render a animation in BLENDER.

The export time for each frame was ~15 sec (with 1 thread)
Rendering time each frame was ~15 sec (with 12 threads)
So total render time each frame ~30 sec.

My idea for yafaray is now to do both jobs asynchron.
Let say you start a batch with 1 thread that export every anim-frame to XML-file
At the same time other 11 threads are used to render XML-files (or wait for XML-files if here are none).
The output should happen direct to PNG-files or other formats.

So total render time should drop to ~18 sec (export+import XML need more time, and 11 threads are slower)

I can already export anims to XML
What i need is now a batch that should pick xml and render per yafaray

yafaray-xml is command line only, you need to write a script.

More information:-

If you have ideas for Yafaray development why not post them at yafaray.org

i can not register to yafaray-forum

i did some tests:
-xml output work fine direct from blender (but with dummy image-files created)
-yafaray-xml work now also fine

-now i plan to write a py-script that should wait for xml and render…

best way is to start many blender at one time