Yafray.8 crashes blender 2.4 on my os x 10.3.2


Ok, new to blender so I’m not sure what is happening. First Yafray.8 crashes blender 4.0 on my os x 10.3.2?
I was just updating to yafray 8. because version .7 when I was using 2.37 Blender would only render a black screen and no xml output? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled yafray and same thing. So I download the new build of yafray and Blender 2.4. Now when I try to render using Yafray it crashes both? Not sure what to do, any suggestions would be great! :slight_smile:

thanks ahead of time


Disregard the original post. I figured it out. After some serious searching i found all the yafray files, deleted them. And reloaded everything…Now it seems to be working fine…sorry for the first post.