Yafray crash-to-desktops

Hi. I installed Yafray and Blender seperately. Yafray works fine when I export the temporary xml file, but when I uncheck this option and render I get a “blender.exe has stopped working”, and it crashes-to-desktop. Any solutions?

I suspect I may need to point the above field to the correct location. When I point it to C:\Program Files\Yafray or C:\Program Files\Yafray\plugins I still get the error. What should I put in there?

I’m using Vista.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s frustrating not being able to watch render progress!

That is a problem in 2.46. Either render with the XML option selected or try downloading an SVN build. I think the problem is fixed in the newer builds.

Edit: I actually may have dreamed that this was fixed. I can’t find any trace of a fix Yet.

As I recall, they decided not to fix it because they are going to drop yafray as a renderer anyway.

Ghazwozza: Just so you know, the YFexport points to where you want the xml file exported, not to yafray it self. I think Blender uses the registry for that.

As a intermediate solution, There is a Blender 2.46 compilation which is compatible with YafRay 009: