I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but I’ve just begun experimenting with Yafray and found it doesn’t render the textures given to objects. For instance, I created a great woodgrain texture for a door, and it renders fine when using Blender; but when using Yafray, the door renders as one shade of brown - the original material color - and the textures which make up the grain are absent.

Do I have to do something special to make textures render in Yafray? I’d like to use this tool because the renderings look so much more realistic.

I greatly appreciate any guidance or advice anyone can provide.

Have fun! :o

some blender procedurals aren’t fully supported or not supported at all in yafray. there was some sort of tech note on blender.org about currently suppoted procedural textures, but don’t ask me where exactly.

yafray only supports clouds, marble, wood and stucci as procedural textures and not all options of these blender textures will take effect
it also does calculate them different, so a testrender or the preview in the material-buttons are no reference on how the actuall yafray shader will look like…

best thing to do is take a couple of hours and testrender a simple sphere, with different map to settings to see the effect of the texture in yafray. you can create a series of new materials with different texture settings and save the .blend for later reference or simply append the material to your actual file…I also save the render and name it as the material, so I can consult the image file for quick selection of the adecuate material(s) for my current project.