Yafray issues

Hi fellas, could anyone please tell me why Yafray doesn’t show any particles in the final rendering?, wheter they are in strands or as halos, Yafray just don’t show them. Also, Yafray only displays a black background when i use a backbuf image, and when I use an image for the world texture it always appears stretched, no matter in which form i tweak the settings of the texture and/or the world buttons. Need to say that i’ve tried all sort of things, but nothing seems to do well, i’m just too noobish yet. Well, thanks for any help.

Go to Yafray’s forums, I think (not exactly sure because I haven’t used it in awhile) that this is a known issue.

From YafRay FAQ:

Q40: Are Blender Particles supported?

YafRay does support duplivert objects using particles though, with which you could try to emulate blender particles by parenting billboard planes with some alpha texture. Though this currently doesn’t work all that well because of the somewhat unstable alpha mapping in yafray which doesn’t always work. Static particles for hair/fur do work without problems though.

Thanks for the link, it was really useful.