Yafray Lighting


I just got Yafray. My renders are coming out dark. Even when I turn all the lights all the way up, the renders still some out too dark. The same render looks good with all the lights set on 1 in Blender Internal.

Any advice?

Just to be sure, you’re talking about YafARay?

How do you “turn the lights up” when using YafaRay? With Blender’s lamp buttons/sliders?
That’s not going to work, as the YafaRay exporter does not adopt Blender’s light settings. You have to adjust lights in YafaRay’s python interface:
Select the lamp, switch to “Objects” tab and change light type and intensity. In general: YafaRay lamps need a much higher intensity than Blender lights.

See also here: http://www.yafaray.org/documentation/userguide/objects#Lights

Thanks! That helps a lot. :slight_smile: