Yafray only works via XML in Blender 2.37a!?

Its been a while since I tried to render anything with yafray, but currently with Blender 2.37a, if I try to render anything with the internal yafray plugin, the resulting render screen stays black.

I’m using Gentoo Linux by the way.

If I activate the XML button, then the picture renders properly.

The strange thing is, if I watch the console window from which I started blender, then when rendering via yafray internal, the process seems to skip the whole gathering and refining process, but instead tries to immediatley execute the render pass.

If I activate the xml button, everything proceeds as it should.

Just to make sure that it wasnt my gentoo build of blender that was borked, I downloaded the official blender linux binaries, but no dice. Same results.

The strange thing is, is that on a friends gentoo installation, which was built with the same gcc and glibc versions as mine, blender with yafray internal works as it should. I even created a small scene on his computer and transferred it to mine. On his it renders properly, on mine it only shows a black image.

Im trying to rebuild both blender and yafray and their dependancies to see if that helps.

Has anyone had a similar problem?


Finished rebuilding Blender and Yafray with their dependencies, but still no change. I can only render via XML.

I am using 10.4 on a G-4 Mac and when I use the Yafray all I get is a black screen with nothing. I still have no resolution. I tried the XML but got a crash instead.


Do you know how I can get my texture to move with my flying letters instead of the texture remaining still inside the letters. Basically if you have a cube and on the face of it there is a black dot on the bottom right corner. When the cube moves from left of screen to the right in camera, the dot seems to be moving from left to right because the texture is not moving with the object.

make sure blender and yafray are compiled on the same compiler.

ie cygwin/gcc and msvc


I dont know if its a problem with the linux version in general or just the gentoo ebuild.

Yafray on my system, installs to /usr/lib and /usr/lib/yafray.
Blender or yafray expects to find yafray in /usr/local/lib/ and /usr/local/lib/yafray.

To fix it, I simply symlinked the relevant files from /usr/lib to /usr/local/lib.

Now it works again.