YafRay path

How do I set the YafRay path in Windows XP?

The Readme file says I should add “YAFRAY_DIR” at the end of “PATH” at the Environment Variables. But do I have to type “C:\Program Files\Yafray\YAFRAY_DIR” or just “YAFRAY_DIR” or what? I have tried both options but when I use YafRay it says that YafRay might not have been set in the path.

How is it in your path?

Here’s the path settings from the readme file

  • Setting the path in windows 2000/XP:

  • Right click on my computer.
  • Select “Properties”.
  • Click “Environment Variables”.

If you have Administrative privileges then you can Edit the Path in
the System Variables box. If you do not have Adminitrative privileges
then you can Edit the PATH in the user variables box.

  • Select the variable “PATH” or “Path”.

  • Click “Edit…”.

  • In the box “Variable Value:” go all the way to the end (as far right
    as possible) you can do this by clicking in the box and then pressing
    and hold in the right arrow on the keyboard. Once you are at the end
    you will need to type the path to the executable program. You will
    need to type (without the quotes): “;YAFRAY_DIR”.

  • Click “Ok”.

  • Click “Ok”.

  • Click “Ok”.


You should just insert the full path to yafray.
That is “C:\Program Files\yafray” nothing more (if you used the default installation path). I believe the YAFRAY_DIR is only a generic name used by the creator of the readme file which refers to the path where yafray has been installed (some people will install it on some other path than the default one offered by the installation program).

Let us know if it works,


As long as I stay out of caustic everything seems to work but when photons are incluted the commandline says: “Could not execute yafray. Is it in path?”.

Any Ideas?

Ok. Now it’s working. Forgot the spotlight :o

Thanks Wood.

Haha!!! Caustics without lights is a hard thing to do :smiley:

Have fun!