Yafray problem, is it installed?

I was trying to render with YaFray, and all i get in the command window is: “Cannot find yafray in path, is it installed?”

Here’s what I have

YAFRAY_DIR-----C:\Program Files\YafRay


PATH-----C:\Program Files\YafRay

Am I doing something wrong?

If you instaled Blender & Yafray as is, without modifying directories, there should not be any problems. But I think Blender should find Yafray anyway, without problems. Well, of course it depends on what platform do you use :wink: I asume you use windows :wink:

Yes I am using windows, win2k as a matter of fact. I tried just installing Yafray then using it without modifying the directories, but it gave me the same thing, what do I do now?

Doesnt yafray install in c:\ by itself? thats where all my versions are installed.

so like c:\yafray

I don’t know, that’s the default dir it gave me. For some reason I could render if i turned on the Gi options for it, what are those, and why cant I render without them being on?