yafray protons/caustics

Well, yesterday I only just started messing with the yafray engine and I am very pleased with it’s performance compared to the blender internal engine.

However, i cant seem to get caustics working. i tried following this thread:
but i keep getting a bunch of white specs where i want it smooth like this:

i tried upping the caustic blur but in the end, i still see those white dots :frowning:

do i just need to turn up the photon count? i’ve tried 200,000…close, but no cigar.

i’ll render some images if you guys want…

can you post screenshots to see what your scene and settings look like.
are you using a photon lamp?

how on earth can i get the caustics in the first place…without a photon lamp? yes, i’m using a photon lamp and yes, it’s calculating the photons/caustics but not the way i want it.

I’ve tried to set it up better…
Here is my result
and the blendfile

I hope it may be helpful.

There have been few threads about Yafray caustics lately, read them and learn. The .blend The Last Rookie send is also good reference for your future experiments.

You can increase the caustic effect by narrowing the photonlight angle, just to cover the object you want caustics from.

I’ve been experimenting with your file, playing a bit with a traditional 3PT setup+ caustics.