Yafray Question

So I rendered my first scene in yafray in awhile, and when I rendered it none of the textures, nodes or otherwise showed up and it was all in grayscale. The cylynder of a train still held a metalic look, but was in greyscale, Any one have any clue what went wrong? http://img240.imageshack.us/my.php?image=trainkt9.jpg there is the render by the way.

From the yafray FAQ

Q01: Why do my textures not work?

A: You may have chosen an unsupported image format. YafRay only supports a limited set of texture formats, which are Targa (.tga), Jpeg (.jpg), Radiance (.hdr/.pic) and OpenEXR (.exr). Take into account that Blender packed textures without a valid path in your hard disk won’t work as well, and that you will need to unpack the Blender file first.
Making your own compilations, you should compile with all libraries in place! OpenEXR and Jpeg require additional libraries, as all other non-trivial formats would too.