yafray rendering freezes blender

Hm, I’m in trouble with this yafray rendering. Want to render an old file (spring 1004) that I already rendered succesfully. But now it doesn’t work anymore. blender seems to freeze. there is no counter or anything, just a black window. last lines in the C:-window are:

Loading plugins:
Registered arealight
Registered basicblocks
Registered basicshaders
Registered blendershaders

processor stops working, OS is still stabil and I can work on any software except blender. Esc-key has no effect, blender seems to freeze. Yes, I am patient. I waited 1 hour 30 min for a pic that used to take less than 30 min before. What happened here? Man, I need this for my job!!

maybe some yafray-expert can give me a hint…

Just in case you haven’t already tried this, try turning XML on. See if you still get the crash.

Also, have you tried a previous version of Blender?

I have no idea what the problem might be, but the above might help in getting the job out on time.