yafray rendering problems.

whenever i render something in yafray, the colours dont show up i.e. the render is in black and white. :eek: whether i use textures or uv map or simple colours from materials. i cant figure out the problem.
has it got something to do with hardware or is it some other problem???
i use blender 2.42a and yafray 0.0.9. the blender internal enderer works absolutely fine.

Yafray’s lighting can look very different to Blender’s internal renderer (usually it just looks too dark). Off the top of my head, I would suspect that you have some very dark or black areas or materials, and other colour materials.

If there is too much light in your scene, the colour channels can become maximised (i.e. the colour is lost because each channel is boosted to 1.0). Try making the scene darker. If you continue to have problems, try a material that is, say, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0 (pure red).

you are right… i played around with gamma and exposure settings and now the colours are rendering properly. textures too are being rendered properly but there is still problem with uv maps. uv maps are rendered either black or white but not in case when i add texture.

Only JPG and TGA textures are supported
The main settings to control lighting power are Exposure and Emit Power.