Yafray seahorse

I made this render for our little 4 hour spanish contest at http://microcontest.catarsys.com/foros/viewtopic.php?p=94#94.
Actually, the model needs more and more tweaking: sculpt torso details, make a decent UV unwrapping, and make some textures to apply to different parameters (diffuse, disp, spec…) to enhace material.

Rendered with Yafray in 18 minutes with next parameters:
AA passes: 1
AA samples: 16
Full mode/Best quality
HDRI lighting enhaced with spot light and point light (fill light)


Due to some people took me for a lier :-|, I decided to post some views more and the wires. Here you can see the fatal errors of the model, especially the on UV stuff…


Hope you like it :slight_smile:

All i can say is wow. This looks great. I’m not sure but it looks a little glass-like, maybe too shiny or transparent. Overall, 3 thumbs up :o

That’s clearly a near photorealistic look, but too shiny for an animal.

quite impressive :o

yes really impressive !!!

very good.

Great render of a rather simple model enchanced with texturing.

The model itself looks very realistic, but the overall scene is a bit weird. The lighting isn’t very realistic and the black and white background doesn’t fit there IMO.
Anyway, good job.

Amazing one of the few photorealistic Images i’ve seen

WOOW - excelent pice of work - realalizm is on high level :smiley:


Texturing is very well done, except for the stretching that you pointed out.

The lightins is excellent to. But with that, it does not match the background lighting at all. Your BG image seems to have very low intensity light. The seahorse has a brilliant highlight on it, which throws it off in the scene. If your BG was brighter, I would say it would be perfect, but it should be lit a lot less.


Thanks everybody for the feedback :slight_smile:

I’m agree with the weirdness of the background, it results strange.
Actually I added the background in the postproduction phase (GIMP) for a simple design question, however people seems confused. The real purpuse was the model (I should spare the background), not a scene…Anyway, was my fault :expressionless:

The UV mapping session was a disaster: initially, I tried to use the new LSCM UVunwrap feature, but I made something wrong because the mesh looked strange.
Finally, I opted for a UV mapping “From window” with both profiles of the model but as you can see, a stretched ugly texture appeared in the center of the model.

Well, thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile: