Yafray to make soft shadows?

I’ve been experimenting with Yafray for a day to learn how to use it. It’s going well but I can figure out how to make the shadows soft. I just use a cube and a plane with a sun to test, but how can I achieve those lovely soft shadows? I’ve tried searching the net unfortunatly without any good.

Yafray sun lightcan produce soft shadows, try an arealight or use yaf(a)ray, which has got a realistic sun able to produce soft shadows

Yafray sun lightcan?

sorry for my bad writting, YafRay 0.0.9 sun ligh can’t not produde soft shadows, you will need an arealight or using yaf(a)ray instead

Okay… But I can’t seem to find a download link to Yaf(a)ray…


Take a look at this thread for more information.


No .exe file, then I’m leaving it alone…

You can download Yaf(a)ray for Windows here:

A miniguide about yaf(a)ray: