Yafray: Tons of Caustics

Just a quick Yafray test, with like 80,000,000 photons.

Please give crits, tip, etc.

OK, you need to subsurf the spheres, 2 or 3 times, then fiddle witht hte caustic options and increase the amount of bluring between photons.

Thanks TheANIMAL, rendering right now.

Here 'tis.

Looks somewhat better.

Honestly I dont see much of a difference.

Set a bit higher Blur value in photon lamp settings, it will help to soften the effect. Now it looks too grainy and separate bright spots are ugly.

For setting the photon blur, All I see in the Yafray controls is Radius and MixCount.

I upped both. Is this correct?

I thought I said it clearly, in the lamp settings, not render settings. Select photon lamp, press F5 and set it there.

You may get blurry results with maxed mixcount and radius. but you scene is uniformly lit, so it doesn’t matter that much.

Gotcha, sorry, missed that bit.

It’s almost done with a mega render with the render settings changed, so I’ll let it finish.

Then I’ll lower the number of photons (cause blurring should make that many unnecessary, right?).

Yes, 80 million is a bit too much…

The other render still had the checker pattern in the caustics, so I ditched it. Rendering better one now.

I think I did too few now, but I’ve got other things to do now. Here’s the blend.


Thanks for your help!

Wow I didnt think a Yafray render could take 6 min 55 sec.

On the computers at the University I go to it does.

3Ghz 64 x2, 1 GB RAM, and some pretty decent nVidia graphics

2.4Ghz (quad-core) & 2Gb of RAM (and I dont think vid cards affect rendering at all in blender)


I Dunno, these computers serve me well, I don’t complain (I’m flat broke, you see)