yafray + windows xp = blender crash

i just read the new yafray tut (very nice) and am having the problem of blender crashing. only when i turn off xml does it crash.
with xml activated, i get the blank render of death.
i’ve tired upping the lamp intensity on the lamps, i’ve tried setting the distance to several different things… still nothing but blank.

can anyone help me?

which version of yafray do you have?

i just barely downloaded it from the blender site, so it must be the latest.

Hey, I’m having the exact same problem; blender render works fine, yafray goes down or just renders flat black (which I know is wrong cause the blender render is perfect with the same camera).

I entered the bug into the blender bug tracker several months ago, and it was later closed.

I have also tried rendering yafray with a newer build of yafray but alas it keeps crashing, so the problem isnt with blender but with yafray.

Kind Regards
Simon Harvey

someone help us [wailing and gnashing of teeth] PLEASE!!!

Yafray only crashes when FullGI and Photons are enabled, so in order to stop blender from crashing you will have to disable photons.

This is all that I can think of.

Kind Regards
Simon Harvey

i don’t have photons OR GI enabled.

are there windows xp users out there that aren’t crashing or getting blank renderings?

WinXP Sp2 here. Yafray .0.7 (I believe is how the version went).

Some Yafray oddities in the past but those are documented texture related issues apparently.
Rendering in general works ok.