Yafray wont render- please help

Whenever i use the yafray engine instead of the internal blender one, the image will not come up. all i get is a black screen. when i turn off “xml,” then blender crashed. What’s wrong with the engine? someone please help me.

Perhaps you could provide a few more details…such as what OS you are running?

when XML is enabled and you launch a yafray render, what are the text console telling you?

If you’re using Linux then these are the possible things that I may happen:

  1. You get the black screen with the xml button is because your scene is complex and it takes a while to render so you will only see a black screen until Yafray is finish rendering your picture. Turning on “xml” button will export your scene into a file in which the yafray engine will then render and return to you after its done. You won’t be able to see the progress or the build up of your picture if you use the xml button.

  2. When you turn off the “xml” button, Blender will not export your scene to a file for the Yafray engine. Blender will directly use Yafray as if it was built into Blender and you will get to see the build up of your picture.

For Linux OS, Blender will crash if you have turned off the “xml” button and you’re using the Blender you downloaded and extracted from blender.org.

If you installed your Blender through yum or apt-get and then turn off “xml” and try to render, your Blender should not crash. At least that’s mine didn’t and I’m using Fedora Core 6 Linux.

Thing is, YafRay is written entirely in C++, and there is no single C++ standard ABI as there is for C, so different compilers (or even versions, like from gcc 3.3 to 3.4 it changed) means different ABIs => crash.
If you get both from your distro’s repository, they should be guaranteed to work, the alternative is compile both yourself, in that case you can also get a few percents performance bonus by letting the compiler optimize for your CPU.

But XML should always work, though it is the non-interactive way as already mentioned.

hi i have the same problem i use it on win xp pro when i turn xml off blender broke down what must i do??

This is simply not true - many people use Linux systems without encountering this problem.