I need some basic help with yafray…everytime i use it, it makes all of the colors wierd…

i clicked yes, since im now trying to make it useful to me…

great, now i really understand yafray!

makes all the colors weird? (if you post a yafray and blender render of the same scene maybe I could help more)
my guess is that it probably has to do with your lightsetup, else material differences between yafray/blender (If you are indeed doing direct yafray rendering through blender, if using a plugin all materials must be hand setup in the plugin, least last I used the plugin)
hope that helps some %| :smiley:

turn the lights power down

I thought you had to turn the power up?

you do, but if your getting odd colours or everythings red or somthing like that, turning the light power down might help

BTW what typs of lights are you using, is it a blender/yafray render, are you using GI or sky dome? anything else we should know?

it is a plug-in, so it is in blender, and i can choose between ‘blender internal’ and ‘yafray.’ i am using the ‘spot lamps’ for example; evry time i use yafray, the colors that were wood would turn purple!

you need to shut down the “col” option in all texture with no colors (that include stucci) and if that not help lower to 0 the col parameter.
plus you need to remember that yafary don’t except .tga textures.

BTW, I voted yes… untill blender raytracer will be mature enough (I.E caustics)

hmmm yafray accepts tga’s for me :S


yafray can use tga’s and png’s, and can also use blenders procedural clouds, marble, stucci and wood
however the wood can only be ring noise type and they won’t look the same as in blender