where can I set the directory, where Yafray is installed?

If you use a YafaRay installer from yafaray.org, there is a windows in which the installer proposes an install dir, usually c:program files\yafray or the equivalent in your OS language.

If your are fine with the installdir proposed, just press ‘next’

:no:I know where yafray is installed.
,but blender doesn’t!

how can I tell blender where it is installed?

If you get script error that blender can’t locate yafaray_export.py then try installing python 2.5.4. Hope that helps…


Compiled with Python version 2.5.2
Checking for installed Python… got it!
Starting scene conversion.
YFexport path is: C: mp\Yafray\
Couldn’t FIND registry key for yafray, is it installed?

python is installed. yafray is also installed:D.


I think you must install this:

as i know, BL doesn’t find the programm.
it wasn’t executed yet.

I don’t know exactly, but i think it’s a thing with the registry. I have a entry with the location of YafRay at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\YafRay Teram\YafRay
I think Blender try to read the value ‘InstallDir’. Just check your regstry, if the key is present.
Anyway, the installdirectory of YafRay is nowhere listed in an INI-file (or someting else) of Blender. And I don’t mind, that I had to install this VC+±Runtime


Hi Labobo,

I may be off target but I notice you are talking about Yafray and other posts are mentioning Yaf(a)Ray (notice the letter a in between the Yaf & Ray)…

Yafray is going away and development was stopped at version 0.0.9

The current project is now Yafaray

The current release version of Blender (2.48a) supports Yafray 0.0.9 via the render control panel and looks to see if it is installed. It does not support Yafaray without an external python script that is placed in your scripts folder and QT Libraries via an installer. In addition you must install the MSCV++ 2005 SP1 redistributable files for Yafaray to work as pointed out earlier.

One of your earlier questions was how does Blender know where Yafray is located…
This was automated via the Yafray install as it was then tied to the registry. Yafaray on the other hand is told manually by the user the first time you run the export script.

I found that once Yafaray was installed I did not have access to Yafray anymore despite the fact that it is installed…This is not really a concern to me as Yafaray seems better, and faster once I started experimenting with it.

Concerning Python I had errors with Yafaray occasionally when I ran it using Python 2.5.2 but these went away once I upgraded to Python 2.5.4

I hope this is a help and please anyone in the know please correct any errors I might of put forward here…


Make difference between yafray and yafaray !

The best strategy is:
1.Uninstall everything
2.Download the last version of yafaray
3.Install again but carefully.


Why the picture renders just in black and white?

When I want to use refraction or reflection, I’ve to redo everything manual in the scripts window.

Very true, all Yafaray materials have to be assigned via the script interface including lights…
The Yafaray site has some great documentation here: http://www.yafaray.org/documentation/userguide
Also the forum there is great for some examples etc: http://www.yafaray.org/community/forum

will this be fixed in future blender releases?