Yagami, the night God: Manga

Ok this is it! i’ll be uploading the pics on weekend. this about my manga character Yagami who i’m planning to make my main character;). but i’m struglin a lot with the body, textures and hair :no:. its very frustrating its a pity i’m currently on a studying holiday so i forgot all my work but i’ll be uploading the pics so that our experienced blenderartists may help me on this:yes:. thats what this page is about right, helping each other. I thank you in advance and i’ll still be thanking you. lets:RocknRoll:

hey, finally your thread :smiley:
i can’t what to see how your character be like

for the body: i started with a normal human body so i used a skeleton blueprint in the background then i made the legs longer etc (i used vol1. of these book series:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_to_Draw_Manga)

thanks blackcat you’re such a darling

ok just as i promised here’s the pic i was talkin about but i am thinking of making a new one because i am not quiet impressed with this one. i dnt knw but i feel like something is lacking here somewhere:confused:. but hey you be the judge and offer me some advices:D


What I did, I drew some pictures and i shot them and uploaded to my pc then fired up blender and started working. but i didn’t do the whole background image thing i went on and modeled the eyes, lips, nose, ears and the chin and linked them and made some edge loops

Come on people werz the love why is no one helping me out?

nice start :smiley: can’t wait to see more

hm… some comment: the chin is a bit long so he looks a bit like “Schuhmacher” maybe you can fix that (or do you want him to look like this?)

i’m still searching for the hair tutorial … i can’t find the files :confused:

hi chryptochildxr! could you post some of your reference pics? it would be easier to judge your work if we can see where you want to go right now. you can post just the head concept for example if you don’t want to publish your whole design now.

you might be interested in the helpful links section of the blending life 2 challenge aswell:

some more or less useful tips in general for modeling:

  1. start with a sketch of what my creature/human will look like (cloth, armour, tentacles, …) or if you don’t like drawing get some reference-images, paintings from conceptart.com. they’ve got talented 2d artists there (e.g. in their forum/sketchbooks).

  2. something you should sketch out (or make fotos) is at least a front view and a side view of your creature/human. it will be your modeling guide.

  3. Split your blender screen into 2 viewports and load these sketches as background-images.

  4. a very good way of modeling itself is described here . another one here (unfortunatly it’s in german, maybe you can get some info from the pictures).

  5. At last you can sculpt the details of your character (like wrinkles and so on) with the sculpt tool. You can find a description here. also check out this thread of maqs, a blender sculpting god. he gives some tips and tricks about his techniques there.

hope that helps a bit

Hey blackat nice to hear from u nd dnt worry u’ll see progress soon enough nd lots of thnks sysiphus i’ll post some more pics this week thnk u very much hw long have u been modelling in 3d it sounds like u knw a lot need to add u as a friend back to u blackcat thnks for the point out i’ve tuned him up a bit and i’m makin some changes

Damn!!! this is harder than I thought but progress is good i’ve changed the the face, the geometry wasn’t good for toon shading will b uploading the pics tomorow :wink:

:eyebrowlift: can’t wait to see

It’s been a while Folkes but upnext to be uploaded is the new version of yagami

Sorry to dis appoint you people i’m having problems with uploading the pic:( and this thing is frustraning:mad:

so this is it!!! the newest yagami


and this…


In terms of hairstyle i will upload a pic on how i want his hair to look like

Look at this guy… his front hair, thats how I want the fore shape of my hair to be like


So i used blackcat’s custom method which i find very long but easy and managable, she called it the fat strand method. hair made by extruding and scaling of vertices

this is the hair style i chose for yagami


geometry ofcourse