YAH (yet another head)

Topic speaks for itself:

Made with intuition, no refrence images used.

It is likely I will atleast try to make UV mapping for it. Dunno. We’ll see. But please do comment if you feel like it.

Eyes are way too big.

Very good! I can’t believe that you didn’t use a guide image. :o

cool character! i love the expression…

Hey I reqally like it so far but there are a few things youproblebly could change a bit.

The chin is a bit too far out for my opinion and the eyes are a bit large and to far apart. Perhaps the eyebrows could go up a tiny bit.

But really good so far, especially the map!


Eyes are too big and far apart (at least the later point would count even for comic style).

Not the slightest idea what you’re going for in terms of gender, age, whole background/personality but it looks very agressive.

Lot’s of strangenesses. To improve you would just need to use reference material.

Thanks from the comments :smiley:

Yeah, I know the eyes are big. I’ve noticed I do eyes pretty big all most every charcater I do. Should learn to make smaller eyes.

Chin area needs tweaking, agreed. I am going to tweak it. As I am going to tweak some other areas of her head.

But believe you me, no refrences used. Pure intuition.

Any other comments, feel free to post them.

The obvious… not bad for an intuitive model though… maybe he should consider tranplanting those long eyelashes to his bold head… they do that nowadays… :wink:

I actually really like the eye spacing and size–if you are going for a stylized look, that is–its unique, and gives a certain character to the character… if you know what i mean :wink: my only crit, therefore, is that the side profile doesnt seem to match with the angular style established (mainly by the nose and brows) in the first shot… Maybe straighten the nose a bit (from the forehead) and pull the jaw back a little. this reminds me of some (disney??) animation i saw… can’t remember what though.

really cool work. i love the front view particularly. it just oozes style.