Yahoo Mail AND GMail down? WTF??!?

Is it just me? Am I going insane? I didn’t change any internet settings or anything. I was using it one minute, it wouldn’t load, and then I get a server error page. So I go to my Yahoo Mail account and I get another error!

weird shit

yeah i think your going insane man haha

GMail is working fine here. I don’t use yahoo mail, but since you have to create a yahoo e-mail address to use any of their stuff ( etc), I have one, and it works fine.

I think a dialup user might have joined the game, and now everyone who plays internet is lagging (you have to have played CS or Battlefield to get that joke). :frowning:

Just curious what anti-virus/ firewall are you using?

Stop downloading pron over limewire and you won’t have this problem.

yeah it was probably that one with your mom that did it

both are working fine for me, well as fine as dialup will allow… I do use the yahoo beta though, so i dont know if the regular yahoo is up or not…

nah, her site’s legit. theeth’s mom’s site keeps giving me these ActiveX popups. stay away.

you all can rest easy now. I’m having really strange issues with my router - it would let me use everything on the internet (including BA) except internet email sites. I think I need a firmware update but resetting it did the trick this time. thanks for your concern and support in this trying time :D:D:D

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