Yamaha instrument sounds copyright

So I have a Yamaha synth, in the manual it says something of “the sounds are copyrighted and are only for personal use.” Does this mean I can’t record songs for a game with it? I can’t find information on the web, thanks.

Huh… not sure on that one. I think it means the sounds themselves. Like you can’t rip the sound fonts from the synth and redistribute them. I don’t think that refers to music you make with the sounds, but I’m not sure.

You should probably contact Yamaha through their website and ask them that question. I assume they’d get back with you quickly.

They mean you cannot copy and sell the sounds banks bare nekked. However, you can use the keyboard to play and record your own compositions for your game to sell. It’s like using Blender, you can use Blender and the image produced is yours to sell, but you can’t sell Blender itself. well okay, maybe a bad example cuz u actually can sell Blender, but you get the idea. You can use something to make a “derivative work” that you own… You can use Word to write a book and sell the book, but you cant sell Word. Now, it has to be your derivation, and not a copy. So you could not play like an Aerosmith song and sell it as your own.

Ok, thanks guys.