Yamkino house


(janmorek) #1

Yamkino House

based on a design by Ruetemple studio

3D visualization by Ján Morek

personal project (2018)


rendered in Octane for Blender

(Filipe Lima Botelho) #2

What a job! Maybe the most realistic interior I’ve seen around here.

(Filipe Lima Botelho) #3

Also, at least to my eyes, the best among your own work. And you have done some great stuff, I’ve just flicked through your posts here and personal site. Well done.

(Member) #4

Good job my man,

(janmorek) #5

Thank you Filipe! I appreciate it very much!

(GarageFarm.NET) #6

great work !
I adore the fireplace… and the detial in the closeup next to it - very tasty

The design and feel remind me of chocofur’s style
I guess it;s the wood, white walls and dark gray palette with the greenery

this is soo featured already :wink:

PS. We are just launching a contest for interior archviz in blender (with an individual twist)
so if you have some spare time to join it would be great, more detials here : https://garagefarm.net/the-individualistic-interior-competition-2018/

Jarek D (DJ)

(Scott Cunningham) #7

Simply stunning interior work there!

(janmorek) #8

Thank you for your comment and opportunity. I would like to join your competition but at the moment due to a lot of projects I am focusing more on commisioned work and also I use lately Octane for Blender much more than Cycles. :wink: But I am sure Matilda would like this flat :slight_smile:


Fantastic images! Such an excellent representation of the original design.

I’m curious why the change from Cycles to Octane as I saw from your ArtStation that your earlier works were with Cycles? I’m new to Blender but had previous experience with V-Ray with 3D Studio Max & SketchUp some years ago and I’m a bit unsure which render engine is thought to give the best results for Arch-Viz with Blender.

(janmorek) #10

Yes, my earlier works were in Cycles and then I moved to Octane. At first it was annoying because a lot of bugs in Blender plug-in and I had to be very patient.

There are a lot of similarities between Cycles and Octane - GPU rendering, a similar system for creating materials, similar lighting process and so on.

The main differences from my point of view are the following :

  1. Octane is not for free, the price was around 560 USD for lifetime licence / but there is new pricing I think (I do not know exactly how they changed it) there is payment per year and also monthly option now.
  2. Cycles is better integrated into the Blender (f.e. drag and drop textures doesnt work in Octane yet)
  3. Octane had some bugs but developers are working on improvements, lately it is getting better and better
  4. Octane was 2 times slower in case of loading scene into the GPU memory (it means slower workflow because you have to wait for rerendering longer) However in the new version Octane 4 it is now much faster in building scenes
  5. Octane version 4 have denoiser now so it is great. That is why I choose this interior scene, because before it was not possible. I used Octane mainly for exterior scenes and interiors were made in Cycles, now I can use Octane for both types of scenes.
  6. Octane can produce more photorealistic results than Cycles (my opinion) It was the main reason why I have started using it.
  7. Octane is faster for the exterior rendering, maybe 2 times than cycles.

Hope this helps. I think it is possible to achieve the similar result in Cycles, but how similar it will be I don´t know. In near future I am planning to make scene to compare results in Octane and Cycles so it should be interesting. Hope this helps.


Yeah that’s what I was wondering. The quality of the lighting from what I have seen from Octane is very nice though it would be nice to think Cycles will be able to match it.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #12

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(godler) #13

@janmorek how long does it take to do such visualization

(janmorek) #14

It is good question, but hard to answer. It was my personal project which I created in my free time, when I didnt have any paid or commercial project for clients. That is why it took me about a month. At the moment I am rendering short animation to this project so it is still WIP :slight_smile:

(godler) #15

But if it would be a commercial project what yours estimations about time needed for complete

(janmorek) #16

about 2 two weeks I guess