yarfray tips & tricks?

well … I’m teribly happy to see blender 2.32 … and even happyer to see that now yafray is available even for a non-command line guy like me. However I am totally in the mist about the parameters & how it works. Any explantions/advice?

I mean I keep rendering tests (man, they render a lot) … with 3 objects with emmitance, one without, a room & a spotlight … and yet I just got another blank screen when rendering with yafray. Do the “raytracing” & “radio” buttons affect a yafray render. Any idea how come neither the emmitting objects nor the spotlight showed up (they all show up in the Blender internal renderer).
(… darn, another black screen, this time with radio checked … i"m trying combinations)
If I’m asking this at the wrong place … please advise me as to where I should post.

As far as I know, the light levels are very different from the blender-ones. Try to give much more light intensity (e. g. a value > 3 )

I don’t think the “radio” button has any effect in Yafray, but the “raytrace” button affects the shadow casting if I remember right.

A good place to start if you’re having problems are the Yafray tutorials and blend files in the 2.32 docs at blender.org - here:


the radio button has no effect on yafray, if you want to use radiosity go to the yafray GI tab and chose full method and quality above none, and play round withe the power