YASWM (yet another super wu-man

yup. My second ‘organic’ model so far. I had lots of fun making it, I hope you like it. C&C appreciated:)


This is the best Super-Wu man ever!

Ya, that may be the best…only crit, would be he looks too young(tho im sure the beard will fix that). Incredible man, keep it up!

you missed the W on his forehead, great work:P…

gaw, that can’t be true:rolleyes:

panic ensues throughout the Blender forum as Wu-man continues his conquest of this forum

Wow, I mean, it’s okay. He needs real piano keys in his mouth.

I wouldn’t say the best so far, but definately one of the better ones. Great work.

Make his tooth more filthy! I like it…

Wow! Super-Wu as a kid! Nice one! :smiley:

Though, he might seem a little…flat faced?

Lol, guess I accidently made him look a bit childish:D

Maybe he fell badly when he was learning how to fly…

It’s the best one because of the priceless expression.

this is a great super-wu-man. i would experiment with some shape keys, maybe have the center of the brow pulled down a bit, to give him the ‘focused’ look.

The nose seems too small. But if you are going dor him as a child then it’s okay.
Great model btw!

haha, what the hell is this, haha

good to see that someone saw and used the sago 3d style, i like the blades on the side a little better, very orginal, very cool

but this guy looks like a freaking goofball, are you making fun of the wu…i will destroy you…

haha, more! more!!

by the way if your going to make wu as a kid you should give him braces, i had braces, but no metal was strong enought to contain the super teeth of strength…

hehehehe hohohoho…reminds me of Marty Feldman…

How’s that next green screen coming along Wu?
You have to keep feeding the fans you know…

it sort of lacks that look of complete vanity and overconfidence, but as mentioned maybe that came along later. Good model though.

The spandex or rubber or whatever on the side of his head is too flat. You need a stretching out where his ear would be. Also, I think you could make the jawline a little stronger (it seems to disappear into the neck, although this could be the light or the angle).

Good start, though! I hope you do the whole model.

I know this thread is a couple weeks old, but…
he looks like a Psycho Super Wu-man. It’s great! :smiley: