YASWPH (yet another suzanne with particle hair) !24.11 shots

this is actually my first, but you people seem to be busy with her, and while I was waiting for my frames to render, I decided to give it a go myself.

here she is:



hoooo dang basse thats the best one yet :stuck_out_tongue:

love it man, its awsome.


Remind me of the old troll doll.


Greath hair cut! :smiley:

hehe… cool. :smiley: hehe.

i like this … :smiley: nice mouth :wink:

hehe, yeah i was thinking the same thing,…looks like a troll doll. [!]

ooh… thanks for the multi-stage laugh :smiley: (I have this habit of scrolling down very slowly)


Very beautiful picture :smiley: .

Excellent! :smiley:

How do you give your character so much life?

Could you please post a screenshot, showing your lighting and materials?

That would be great.

Thanks :wink:

basse this is my favorite monkey with hair scenes. The expression is priceless.

Haha, that’s really freaky! Funny expression and nice translucency effect. And the hair is also very cool. Great!

thanks… heh.

Boivei: that’s right. it really has resemblance. where can I get one of trolls like that, excellent looking little face.

Carnivore: that’s great!! :smiley:

and for redbyte, some screens and material shots.


oh and as you see, the expression is a bit different on this screenshot, isn’t it…
well, I just had to do it. so here you are… thanks for comments.



cute… lol :smiley:

simply perfect!



Very sexy, I think after a few drinks she’ll look even better. :smiley:

Very creative, nice textures by the way.

I saw a lot of theses trolls in Canadian store early 90’s. Maybe you can get one in flea market or collectible store…

Nice second image, hope that I will never meet her in a blind date :wink:

Boy, I haven’t heard of troll dolls in a very long while … they were a big fad when I was in junior high, I think.

The huge smile on the first Suzanne really looks like it should be animated … it would be very funny for the mouth to go from a tiny closed one to that.