YATMT! (Yet Another Temple Mee Too) Final (?)

(S68) #1


I added a landscape, something out of the esapod brazires :wink:
a sky, mist…

I think this is pretti final now… unless I got some ciostructive criticism :slight_smile:



(sten) #2

Nice !!

I love the fantasy scenery of it…LightFlow ???

GREAT !! :smiley:

(rwenzlaff) #3

Looks pretty good. I love the bubbles.

The texture on the lowest row of bricks seems out of scale. It makes the foundation of the temple look like it should be maller than the rest of the temple. The mortar between those bricks could use a little work, too. Looks lie the stone is stuck together with silly putty…

Other than that. Nice job.


(blengine) #4

ooooooo nice! i love the lighting, and the bubbles are a perfect touch man…

the grass is beautiful, but i still dont like those main big blocks…too shiny

(Goofster) #5

beautifull! but the lower bricks need a less shiny texture. more like the other bricks in the temple

(S68) #6


looks like basement is to be worked on…

actually lower, rough, blocks are of the same material than the whole temple…

I’ll try a different, darker material, I also smoothed a little to see if you like it best :slight_smile:


P.S. this is 100% Blender :wink:

(kaktuswasse) #7

actually, the grass looks like the sea
for me :-? You can’t see any grass-aehm…-“holmes” (?)…

But even with that grass it’s a great pic
with great lighting!!

(JDA) #8

The landscape in this image lacks detail and texture.



Ripstring’s - Grass Script

L-System Script

(blengine) #9

i agree about the landscape…needs just a lil something… and i forgot to tell u how much i love the grass! while some of these people are stuck in the real world( :wink: ) i see an aweosme silky grass ground which goes perfect with them bubbles!

ooo, and pop the filter on the clouds up higher, blockiness

great job homie! 8)

(S68) #10

Thanks for comments and liks.

I’ve got all of them, and use them, but I wanted a certain fairy-tales mood, which does not need realism…

After all the soil should look mossy, in my idea…

Terragen landscapes are nice, and RipSting grass generator is great, but I
cannot spend 300k vertexes on grass blades and 100kvertexes on a detailed background when the center of the scene is the temple :slight_smile:


(paradox) #11

Nice temple. So how did you do the bubbles. I like the bubbles alot.

(Andy Goralczyk) #12

great work Stefano, i like it very much.

(S68) #13


Paradox, sometimes an image is better tha 1000 words… so the bibble material is here :slight_smile:


(paradox) #14

Thank you for sharing, very ingenious use of textures, color band etc. Ant the final effect if beautiful.


(paradox) #15

Although you may be finished with this perhaps a statue of a lady or a fairy elf or some such on the top of the temple. Would fit with the fantasy theme and the magic bubbles.


(S68) #16


that was in my thought when I left that platform on the top… but I’m so bad at character modelling :frowning:


(djfuego) #17

looks good, like something out of mario games
Not realistic enough.

(stephen2002) #18

maby try the refraction script on the bubbles (if you have not already)…it does a good job with spheres.

that is an intresting scene, but I don’t like the hill in the background, it seems too steep to match the rest of the scenery

(Alltaken) #19

if you want a really mossy texture to the ground i may sugest that


has some really nice ones of moss and grass

i’m afraid to say the website looks like its been having problems so the whole thing is now in text (the parent file)

this is the only nice page that is working but you will find them all from here.


hope you like them cause there are heaps of realistic textures that are all repeating

yeah i don’t like the gap between the big bricks at the bottom much makes it look like they’re floating

perhaps some more shodows/light cast on the hills in the background

and the scale of the bubles that float behind the temple are out of proportion to the ones in front. but i do love the bubbles.

i do agree with the clouds being to blocky

have fun