yet another womans face:

i suck at eyes so i need tips there…also any critique will be highly appreciated.


here’s a little update…improved some areas…and a question: how do i make her look younger? she’s looking like…30 atleast now and i want her to look more like…18!

here is another update (althought not many interest is shown…)


I can tell from your first image that the face loops need work.

The beginnings of the loops are there, but you need to refine them.

In specific-

The geometry around the mouth is a little bit square. The loops need to be round there and have a great deal more definition. The same goes for the eyes, the subsurfaced view looks like the geometry is too square, not flowing.

I think if you work on the topology a little bit you can bring the age down a little bit as well.

(Note: The image with your second wireframe over your reference image is not showing up for me, so my loop crits are based on the first images)

One more thing I can suggest based off of your last render, is that you need to define where the nose meets the head a little bit better (where the flare out occurs). Right now, the transition is way to smooth.

Overall it needs some tweaks, but its getting there I think.

i know the hair is usually done last but i just had to try!
here it is: i call it “early in the morning” (obvously because of my lack of success with the hair!)

forTe posted pertinent critics about the face so I am not going to give anymore atm.

Though, the shoulders are way too wide (does she play football?) for a 18 years old “common” woman :smiley: Not too difficult to improve though.

Also, I know it is a early stage test render but the material applied to the face is much too glossy, it looks like she’s made out of plastic.

Looking forward! (At least there is no doubt, it is a woman 8)

Have you tried using a curve guide field with the hair?

The edge loops could use a little work, when I get to my computer this evening (or tomarrow) I will illustrate for you.

For further reference please see TorQ’s “A Better Face Tutorials v1.1”
(it is in the Blender General Forum, I believe)

Good work so far.