Yay, new car!

Bought my dream car, a 1990 Toyota Supra (Turbo) today. It’s gorgeous :smiley: Just thought I’d share the joy. I’ll upload some pics tomorrow hopefully.

It’s a big jump from my old car: 1987 Pontiac Firefly (3 cylinder 1 litre engine haha!)

Hope you enjoy it. Turbos are addictive. Once you get used to that ‘kick’ any normally aspirated car is boring.

nice stuff. 6 cyl. 2.0L, and RWD?

Sweet! Can’t go wrong with a Supra. Did you get the twin turbos? Considering any mods yet?

inline-6cyl/24valve 3.0L ~ 230hp. Leather interior, power everything, a/c (which is disconnected–waste of power–I’ll just take off the roof when it’s hot.) and the paint job is pristine. Unfortunately, “only” one turbo :wink: But some lady was tailgating me and I got pissed off and left her in the dust.


(That’s my old car in the background)

Just some small mods at this point; I want to paint the brake calipers and make some LED tail lights. Eventually I want to do exhaust and suspension though. Don’t think I’m ever going to go the body-kit route; I like the classic styling.

Awesome man. I’m saving up for a car of my own, but it’s going to be quite a while…

Very attractive car you have there.

personally, I’d go with some bigger wheels and tyres, then worry about better brakes. you really wont be able to apply the full performance on those biscuits :smiley: