ye lighteneth

:smiley: forget the title, i just made it up to be funny

this is what I ve done, rendered in Yafray 0.0.8
little post pro in GIMPo

that post pro workshop rOcKs !! , thanks robertT

enough talk, already

looking forward to ye feedbacketh avec les critiques :wink:

Looks good, but it doesn’t have a proper screw thread.

Pretty cool. Other than what sornen said, the only problem I see is that the AO is a bit grainy, especially around the threads.


Thou hast done well :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :wink: I’ll be adding some more information to that thread in the near future!


thanks for the comments,

Sormen: you are right about that, in fact there was no thread, just plain rings, I forgot about that.

you have a point, but I was trying to give it a corroded look, sadly i cant do a proper Alpha mapped dust on the glass, so i might as well renew the metal :slight_smile: will post that different render next.

It looks decent, however, the glass on your light bulbs doesn’t cast a shadow. The element does but not the glass. If you take a real light bulb (clear glass one), go outside in the sun and hold it close to the ground, you will see that the glass casts a dark shadow, probably … 50% black? (guessing). I think it would add a bit more realism to the scene and make the bulbs look less like they’re floating slightly over the surface.
That and fizing your screw threads, as previously mentioned.

Good work so far,