Yellow man on black background (Steffen Hartmann, 2020)


well i guess thats enough internet for today.

good job, pretty disturbing brah

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Zombie Homer?! Hehehe

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Great render and first post. Any info you can off us about how you created the subject ?

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Thanks for the love!

At first i sculpted Homers torso, head and his upper arms (with the use of a lot of anatomical reference). Ended up being around 3 million faces.
After that retopo just with the quad remesh option - uv unwrap followed by using the shrinkwrap and subsurface modifier (to get all the details from the high poly mesh back) and texture painting (mainly roughness and base color). I also added a skin and clay texture. Those skin and clay textures are also used for the displacement.

Hair was made by seperating faces from the low poly base mesh and adding a particle system (with different settings for the beard, eye brows, nose, ears and so on). I spent quite some time with the comb brush (but not for the beard, which has just a bit of brownian). The iconic zick zack hair over the ear and the 2 hairs directly over his head are made by just using a beveled path. I used the principled hair bsdf for the material.

Gums, teeth, tongue and eyes are seperate objects. I created the eyes by following a tutorial on youtube.

I mainly used 3 lights - a soft fill light directly in front of homer, a hard spot light top right and slightly cool semi hard light from the bottom left. Oh and a very low strenght area light facing his left eye (from the viewer the right eye) to reveal some details in the corner of his eye socket.

For the focal lenght of the camera i used 94mm, an empty near his left eye as the depth of field object and a low f-stop of 0.2.

I rendered with 50 samples at 3000 by 3000 pixels with the denoise compositing node (low samples also give a mild painterly look in some areas, i like that). Took my machine around 60 minutes (i’m using a very old i7 2600k to render because blender doesn’t like my rx580). Under color management i used filmic and “very high contrast” under “look”.

Only thing i did after that was to add some noise in Photoshop. It’s a very very mild effect.

Thats it. Cheers

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Enjoy the weekend! o/

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Oh wow thank you soo much! Have a great weekend too bartv. =)

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When did Homer start using meth? Great job man looks very creepy!

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Hehe - thanks for the love! :wink: