Yellow outline in object mode appears over some edges of my model. (What to do?)


First of all, I am new to the forums, and I have only about a year of experience with Blender.

Here is my issue: I was marking seams on my model to prepare it for unwrapping. So I marked a seam, and after a while I changed my mind and removed it (Ctrl + E > Clear Seam), because I wanted to put in on the other side. But after doing that, I’ve noticed that the yellow outline around the model, was also drawn along the edges I cleared the seam from. I was really tired when I was marking those seams, and I am not 100% sure if I marked a seam or something else. So I tried clicking on all the options in Ctrl + E dropdown which had ‘Clear’ in their name, which did not get rid of the line.

Hopefully visible in the screenshot, this is what I mean:

I never had that happen to me before. What should I do?

Thanks in advance!

The object is selected and it does not show all edges by default, just some. Hit a, that will deselect all in the scene. Or do something :wink: with selected.
If you want all edges for this object displayed it’s on the object tab, checkbox under Display.

I was waiting for this to get approved or rejected, I found out a few minutes after posting. I tried moving the edges down, I seem to have duplicated them by accident. I just deleted them and it’s fine. Sorry about that!

Looks like you have separated part of your mesh into another object, or duplicated your object. I usually hit “g” and move it around to see what it is.