yes another chess set

([email protected]) #1

its a chess set i think the background is a little bland anyone have any suggestions?

(LohnS) #2

wow really nice =)

maybe just add a bit of shadowing, that should finish it off =)

(dreamsgate) #3

That is amazing, it looks finished to me, if you spice up the background too much it will take away from that wonderful chess set.

([email protected]) #4

thanx for the help guys keep it goin tho there seems to be someting missing if u can think of anything just post it here

(harkyman) #5

I want one!

As for what you can do to improve the render…

  1. Try adding some fake GI. If that doesn’t work, try a more dramatic hard-shadows lighting scheme.

  2. Add a little bit of depth of field.

  3. Arrange the pieces in the midpoint position of some famous chess match.


(Pooba) #6

Cool, i think you should move the rows a bit closer, it looks kinda weird with those spaces.