'YES!' - Interior Scene, need critique

Hi, my first post here, I started learning blender 2-3 months ago. I really tried to do this scene as photorealistic as I could, any remarks would be highly appreciated, as I’m trying to improve. Thank you.

Hi mate!

Really NOT BAD for a novice!!! In fact modeling looks pretty good so lets face others…

  1. Marble looks nice but with almost no reflectance so try to make it more reflective - from this angle the reflections has to be much more visible imo

  2. DoF is too much in my point of view … cup, pen and notebook are the only things we could se properly (nice notebook paper texture btw :wink: ) … and yep, maybe one cookie. This makes the whole scene to look somehow “empty” if U know what I mean

  3. as mentioned above, because of that DoF the book, chair, vase etc. has a lack of details (good for avoiding complex modeling but bad if U did that and the viewer could NOT see it). Especially the book looks strange because its really improbable there will be complete dark (black) under that white pages U know?

  4. Lighting could be improved but I do not know where are all the windows so its up to U bro ;). What I mean that thru window I could see sunset right? But these things has no shadows

  5. More object on the scene to me it RICH :wink:

Good job nontheless in fact … if U R capable of doing this after 3 months what do U plan after a year? KEEP IT UP!

 Sincerely, JayM

PS: Those crumbs make a GREAT detail in the scene!

-marble top edges bit too straight line…bend em/deform the line slightly (and some ever so slight bumps on top face as well)

  • desaturation/lower contrast in distance
    -cup gloss too uniform- add some dirt/roughness/ maybe few bump artefacts here and there…
    -don’t like that stool chair, too dark/ dominating in the image - change colour to something less distracting, maybe light grey?
  • book edges also very straight (nothing is a straight line:D !
  • also pages edges facing colour is quite a block of white
    -cookies, notepad, pen all absolutely great and no changes here for me

…but GREAT start !! keep it up :slight_smile: I like the general style.

To me it looks really good. The DoF doesn’t seem to harm the scale much; it’s heavy yes, but it doesn’t make it look like a diorama scene. The chips/raisins in the cookies perhaps look a little too dark and dense, but otherwise I have no issue with it. Nice work.

good job.
I take care of the existence of many black spots in the scene (vases, book and pen) is a little strange … a lot of light in the scene and still many black spots … if you work more with dark tones but still keep color information .

Thanks everyone for feedback so far, it really means a lot to me. Next time I model, I’ll make sure to use all of this awesome advice of yours :slight_smile:

What is the field of view of the camera? It looks pretty wide angle for close ups. Making it seem a bit unnatural.

Thanks everyone for feedback so far, It really means a lot to me. I will make sure to put all of your advice to good use on my next piece :wink:

Currently, I’m not at a level to actually do technical stuff with particular parameters, and have no technical background with photography, so I just went with something that looked fine for me;

Yeah, for black spots I probably went a little overboard with post processing and gamma…

For lighting I used HDRi and HDRi only, at this time having a hard time controlling lights from HDRi’s, I’ll make sure to look into that more, do some testing. And these crumbs are something I’m really proud of :slight_smile:

It looks really good and besides the marble surface not being reflective the chocolate chips on the cookies look more like spots that were just burnt rather than chunks of chocolate.