Yes it is sand

I’m done.

I think I’m done…

Yes I am done!

Some images just grab hold of you and you can’t let go, this one was mine. But I am finally happy with it.

For the curious, this is the final result of my WC #89 entry (TIME)
original version can be seen here

you might want to add some holes where the spindles connect to the top and bottom

you know dreamsgate all you need to do is master lighting (yours is better than mine) and you would be a blender legend too.

LOL, I know. Lighting has always been my weakest area. And it is something that I continue to work on.

very nice idea. Could something be done to give more detail to the sand nearby?

if so I don’t know what. I have been tweaking and rerendering this sand for better than a week.

I assume you’ve tried extreme bump mapping so I’d sugest another 1-2 layers of texture over it to add detail. Or have you tried that too? That would be what I’d go for I think.

Looks to me like wet sand…it doesn’t look loose…btw it could use a better background…

lol, that sand has 6 layers of texure now and yes, extreme bump mapping, lots of NOR and even disp mapping.

looks really good…

the sand is sooooooooooooooooooooooo close !!! :smiley:



The sand is very well done dreamsgate.

The lighting, as steve343 pointed out, needs to be improved and it would be fantastic. If you could post a blend file or PM me with a link, I could do a light setup for you to see how I would do it.


great, I need all the help I can get on lighting.

I posted the blend to my web site, link: Broken Hourglass (blendfile)

Ok, I played with your blend file a bit and here is my result:

And here is the blend file so you can see what I have done with it.

Hope that helps you some.


BgDM: The wood in that one looks a little too bright to me. I think dreamsgate’s original setup was a bit better, not to insult your talents.

Great job dreamsgate! Only crit is that the sand looks like sand-colored rock. Rock that’s much better than any I could do, but still rock. It doesn’t look like it’s made out of grains’ maybe a couple layers with alpha maps? Can’t think of any other way…

Prismatic: I know about the highlights on the wood. It was a poor lamp placement on my part, now that I look at it again.

dreamsgate: take the spotlight that I have as the main light source and rotate it around the scene some to see if that helps the bright spot.


lol, that sand has 6 layers of texure now and yes, extreme bump mapping, lots of NOR and even disp mapping.[/quote]

:-)) LOL indeed. and I assume you did try for different scalings of textures (eg. not all mapping at the same size) ?

Void: yes they are all at different sizes, differents amounts of nor and disp. And I either get what I have now or I get a very wierd texture that doesn’t even remotely resemble sand. LOL, I could probably spend the rest of my life trying to create perfect sand.

BdDM: thanks for light setup, It gave me a new way of looking at lighting.
But I was going for overcast, stormy day with the hourglass getting caught in scattered light peeking through the clouds. Any ideas on how to accomplish that?

thanks to everyone for your comments. :smiley:

Try it with just the GI dome then and set the lamp power to about 0.07 to 0.1 and see what you get.