Yes, It's Another Tree<Updated!>

I needed to take a brake from mechanicla blending i figured i’d take a swing at this, here a couple hrs work.
rendered with yafray.

looks awesome… may I suggest some volumetric lighting where the orange lamp is to give a sort of… glowy effect? I love the style of modelling you chose. Very round, smooth edges, very eye-pleasing. Just as a side note, I dont really like the grass texture you chose. Its not a bad texture, just doesn’t blend with the scene. Dont know how else to put it… just dont like it. Good job though.


Dont worry textures are temp, just to help get a feel for it, ill use particle grass(if i can get it tweeked right,) but since im using yaf for the main scene ill have to do multiple pass and compine em…

Lovely work. IMO the gaps between the bricks are a bit big and the bricks themselves stick out a little too far, but other than that its great, albeit a bit dark. You ARE planning on modeling the chains right??

A small update:

ON a side note does anyone know hoe to prevent subtracting in the sequence editor from leaving hard lines? thats what giving that grass that black out line.

<Edit, nvm was able to fix it>

You seem to be taking a very stylized approach to this creation as compared to the others. Do you have a general summary of the affect you’re trying to acheive here? Your grass is coming along quite nicely and the glass tree idea is pretty good. Its a bit bright though. Great work on the orange glow :slight_smile:

Im going for the eary(Spelling?) feeling i still need to adjust the camera so it fits the basic frame with the pic. But hopefully in the end it look like Eden entrapped by hell :< .

Looks good. :< :stuck_out_tongue: The grass is a bit too purple for me, though. Also, I think the light in the hole ought to be a bit brighter…Looks pretty good so far, though.


Im going for the eary(Spelling?)

Eerie, or eery. It has nothing to do with ears;)

All right got an update here, i think i found a frame set I like:

Did four passes in total and combined in the sequence editor.
-The tree is only modelled not textured yet.

Your grass is very ghostly and for that I have to compliment you. Obviously the tree isn’t yet finished but what effect are you aiming for? Translucency or glowing? If so you can add a glow in post process pretty easily.

Well i was aiming for a tree bursting with life and energy but its starting to turn out into a completely ghostly pic, ill have to experiment a bit and find how the it turns out.