yes, yes - another Tim burton model....

I should really watch a wider array of movies :o - but I love stop-motion. Very different - I hope I have the oppitunity to do it later in life. Anyway, I’ve been modelling Emily for a few days now - starting off with the face and carrying on to the rest of the body (stuck on the hands though). Later on I’ll do my own weird version, but I’ll stick with the base model for now.


Another TB character done very well. Personally I think someone should make a movie that looks like stopmotion in BLender, seeing as all we would need is a lamber and AO.

I think the face is drawn out to much, but can’t remeber the face, please provide a shot from the movie.

Actually, I didn’t use AO, that’s just a spotlight (1) and a hemi (0.3). The face is drawn out little too far foward, but then again that first shot is taken particularly close.

Really good job, I like this character, and you modelled it well.

To avoid this kink of problemes, use a longer lens (50 to 100).

Here you are:

And thanks Yakyak - I’ll try that tip later on…


Finally! The hands are done and I’ve started to rig the model. I’ll do the bones later…


It’s horrible!!! I mean that as a compliment :smiley:

LOL - good one, you had me worried there.

Great stuff ,as is your other T.B. model.

There is a great piece of music called “Reaper’s Christmas” composed by a guy named Taron, that would be great for your characters in an animation.

You can find it on his soundclick page here

Taron is a fabulously talented digital artist, musician and programmer. You can see his art here His “people.avi” is incredble (morphing characters).

What are you planning to do with the characters?

I’d love to try animating them to the song I mentioned :smiley:


I was hoping to put an animation to a seperate peice of music that I found (so we definately think alike) - though that Reaper’s Christmas is quite good.

An underwater scene would be interesting…

Here’s a download link to the peice of music I plan to use:

Powerful stuff ! Movie soundtrack kind of thing, which I really love that kind of music.

I don’t know if you listened to any other of Taron’s songs, they’re all great. I really like “Conga 4 Reel” … as he describes it “a (great) demo reel soundtrack”

For your underwater scene listen to “FireHeart” on this page

And there’s more great stuff on this page :
They used to have MP3 formats, they seem to be all .wav now … hopefully you’re on high-speed (who isn’t ? … except me).

“Death Creek” (especially after ~1:30) and “Cartoon” are my favorites.


Wasn’t she skinnier? If i remember correctly

She may well have been taller - but then again dresses tend to have that effect.

Another update:


Another update:


That cloth looks really nice! As does the model.

Thank you! I’m trying to get the cloth so that it works well in an animation - but it’s proving to be difficult…getting there though!:slight_smile: