Yet another 3d gurl. Beware the nudity! D:

I made it a long time ago and refined it many times after that. Today, I finally decided to show it tu U gaiz :D.
This is a high poly, multires model. Body texture is not finished yet.
I would like to hear any suggestions You may happen to have. Especially when it comes to proportions and lighting setup.

I think in general she is quite okay. Proportions are reasonable and any suggestions from here would be more a matter of personal taste then anything else.
However here are my suggestions:
-In relation to the legs he torso is to short IMHO. But as I said in the start: I think so far it is technically valid the way it currently is.
-Shape of the feet is reasonable.
-Same goes for the knees
-Palms are overly curved. It appeals a bit as if the pals are curved like the fingers themselves. It appears to me as a lack of overall shape in that area. The “fatten” tool (mildly used) could fix that issue.
-Get her dressed and…
-Give her an decend hairstyle and post her again :slight_smile: