Yet another archviz

Hello. Just my latest project in blender 1 day for first preview for the client and 1 day for clients corrections.
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this looks clean and smooth! Just few questions if you would like to share with

1, How did you set up the sample for the render? Is this a closed room with lamp only or use some window with portal lighting?

2, Did you use any clamp to help reduce the noise? I didn’t see any spark or flakes in there. How did you control that?

3, Did you use any add-on to help you organise the model and shader lib? Just 1 day for all setup is so effect in project!

Nice job man! 5 Stars from me :slight_smile:

Wow that was fast for that great quality. I think is very hard to have an interior render that clean with that many lights.

@congcong009 Well, I have a material group for cycles unversal shader - just import it on the start into the scene and it will save us about 70% of time for materials.
I use clamp direct 6 and clamp indirect 2, exposure 2.2 2500 samples and bilaterial blur for denoising, but if i wold have a bit more time - not one night for rendering of 4 rooms (i shared only one) i would set 3000 samples and would not use the bilaterial blur.
I don’t use any addons for managing models, just i made more than 300 interiors in blender since 2007 and i have my own model repository.

I didn’t get your blue option. Is that from scene->film->filter type?

here you can download node pack for denoising and many other cool things

got it! thanks mate :slight_smile: