Yet another Buster Sword.

I got modivated by seeing other peoples buster swords and attempted to make my own. Its a fairly simple scene i made just to but the sword in. Hope you like it.

Buster Sword

sweet, but i would advice sizing up the handpiece cuz it has two options now:
1: become very painfull and hard to hold and wield (not to mention “use”)
2: break apart


Haha. Impossible to use?

That’s why the Buster Sword is so great! It’s like, “HOLY CRAP! How is that guy swinging that thing around?”

Oh man. FF7 rocks my socks. I can’t wait for Advent Children.


I can’t wait for Advent Children.

Neither could I. So I didn’t.

In the movie, the buster sword is actually composed up on 6 or 7 smaller swords which can be combined in various ways. They form the main buster sword when they are all together, so in the movie the blade has a lot of interesting seams and angles in it.

Um…HIX…you must not be a big FFVII fan cus the the Buster Sword never made sense of how a skinny handle like this could handle a blade of that caliber, and like said thats what made this sword cool. ^^ But you are about how to handle the sword, i didnt make a texture for it yet so i just made it shiny, and yeah talk about getting blisters from it lol. thanks for the C&C guys.

It looks like the resolution of the blade texture is really low. I suggest adding highly reflective/shiny parts here and there to break things up. Changing the lighting would definitely help. It is very flat at the moment. The ground looks very well done in comparison to the rest of the image. You could also change up the composition a bit. Front and center really is an uninteresting setup. I know this is the finished forum, but I think a little more work would make this a much better piece.