Yet Another Dragon - WIP

Something I’ve been working on here & there between tutorials. I’m having some issues getting the eyes to fit into the sockets. The texture/material are not permanent, just there to give a feeling for what’s to come. C&C would be appreciated.

I’ll host this on my own site once my sister’s friend reminds me what my password is for the FTP. :wink:

Hey, cool start! Now add teeth! :smiley:

That’s a good start, keep at it. You can never have enough dragons. :slight_smile:

Good start so far.

BTW: 4daniel, what ever happened to your dragon?

Added some horns and started on some teeth, just modelling stuff when the baby’s napping, mainly…

Since I’m having a hard time getting an eyeball to sit right in those sockets, what do you guys think about fire eyes? :wink:

Well, I an taking a break, but expect to start again soon with my dragon. Thanks for asking :smiley:

jts01: Good, but make the teeth a bit bigger, and a bit more. But it looks really cool already!

Nice texture on the Skin.