Yet another EEVEE bedroom

Hello. Here is one of my last EEVEE projects
All scene took about 12 hours and made in one skype/teamviewer session with a client. Some stuff are modeled - like luster, armchair, wardlobes, doors, some stuff are from previous projects.
rendertime is about 36 secs per image 2500*2000
Hope you like it.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you!

Hi I’m workingon an AI project and need some interior scenes for rendering. Is there any chance I could get access to this scene?

Thank you in advance.

Passion for details is undeniable. Loved it. By the way did you make ceiling cornice your self? If not where did you get it?

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www, - it’s the manufacturer of such stuff - there many free models there

Not looks realistic, but looks good.

Bad sides:

  • Your shaders. Textures seem good, but shaders not good and not correct.

Nice although pricey. May I ask how you emitted side table lamps?

just lights and translucency

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