yet another female head

because there are so many good tutorials on realistic modeling now, I had to try for myself.
This is my first attempt. I welcome any C&C. I have a little problem with the topo that i just can’t lay my finger on: there is something wrong i think the area between the nose and the cheek. I’d like to make her a little bit older and with this topology I find it very difficult to create something of a fold or crease there. Any ideas?
(currently the shader is pixelvore’s shader without colormaps. creating a realistic texture will be step two. The grey sphere BTW is not a giant earring but a device to judge the lighting)


The topology looks good! And the image is great! I do think you should work on the hair a little more though and maybe define the bones that protrude out for the eyebrow a little more. But other than that it is really good!

hmmm i like your topology too!
Could you help me I have built the head
I just have too arange the mesh to a desent
topology just incase I animate her thats what
the pros say ahhahaa Awesome!work!

Actually the shown mesh will have its problems animated as there is no egdeloop going over the nose ridge and around the mouth. There is no definition to the cheek bones

musk is talking about these loops. Not having these in place is why you are having such problems putting in the fold from the bridge of the nose around the corners of the mouth. You are trying to get Blender to make folds across the diagonal of faces. You’ll find it much easier to get Blender to make folds along edges.

It’s a good first attempt, though. Earrings are nice, too.

Thanks all for the C&C. This iteration seems to be improving although I still see some areas in the mesh that I will tweak (especially the nose and corners of the mouth) Texturewise the eyes need some attention I guess, but the skin I like at this point (I am not aiming for fotorealism). Still, any comments are welcome.


my last iteration (I think :)) before a start from scratch on a new mesh. There are still many areas that need improvement (the skin maps are stretched and I am still not satisfied at all with the SSS. It looks still plasticky. I know both scale (of the scattering effect) and lighting have a big influence but it’s difficult to figure it out).