Yet another IronMan model update 02

Hello everybody! This model was base from the Ironman movie part 1. Modeled and test render in Blender internal with hdr. Thank you. Hope ill finish this before Ironman 2.
recent update:


That is… Awesome!!! And perfect timing for Iron Man 2!!! Maybe you could create the silver model of it? With that minigun coming out of the shoulder?

That looks really nice :slight_smile:

thank you! BlendFace, yeah ill do that, i wish there are enough reference for the new IronMan and War Machine, then i could model those two with cool new Weapons!!.. Excited!!

thanks mrzeon.

hello mr ryanea81. nice work. i think i know you. :slight_smile:

damn he looks awesome, you know you could use a lot of parts here and create his suit-case suit that will be appearing in the new movie as well, hint hint.

well done

awesome. Keep coming!

Wow. Any chance we could get a .blend?

Thanks Mr. Asm271 i have seen your work… Wow all of them so AWESOME!!. maybe were related. Hehehe or somebody 's older super cool brother perhaps? i dont know hehehe.:wink:

I can’t support the suspense, are you both brothers or whaaaaaaat??? :confused:

yes, ryanea81 is my younger brother who handles our linux network and rendering management. i dont know what i would do if he wasnt on my team.good job bro :slight_smile:

Looks really great… any chance we can see the wires, and the nodes you used for rendering?

Love the details ryanea81.

keep it up!

Like AC3 3592 said:


if anyone is interested, heres the link of the rig of this character

Hi everyone, did i just say that i wish i could finish my model before ironman 2 movie? i am sorry my mistake, what i really meant that i wish i could finish this before ironman 3 or avengers hehehe. here’s a little update of ironman model. This was rendered by asm271 , doing all compositing work entirely in blender. and yeah he also started to rig this, parts by parts and nearly done, He’s very Good!! i wish i knew him long time ago. im excited!!


Gimme some scratch!!


I am not a great fan of iron man but the model it practically seems me identical in the proportions that in the details.

i appreciate it.